The wide scope of services from characterization and test to application is addressed to both manufacturers and users of power electronic circuit components.

We do offer in detail:

Power Semiconductor Devices

Electrical Characterization

static characterization

  • forward characteristic and parameters

  • forward and reverse blocking characteristic and

dynamic characterization

  • switching losses and switching times

  • di/dt and dv/dt parameters

  • storage charge

  • overcurrent and short circuit investigations

  • avalanche tests (single, repetitive)

  • latch-up tests

  • hard, soft and resonant switching

  • safe operating areas

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Thermal Characterization

static characterization

  • Rthmeasurement (static heat transition)

  • temperature measurements

dynamic characterization

  • Zth measurement (transient heat transition)

  • measurement of temperature-time-function

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Making and verifying data sheets

  • measurement of data sheet parameters using synthetic test circuits
    under standardized measurement conditions

  • verifying parameter accuracy and tolerances of devices and
    comparison with data sheet specification

  • data sheet editing

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Application-supporting services

  • application advice

  • power losses calculation based on device measurements

  • design-in support for new components

  • developing appnotes and user manuals

  • development and production of demo-boards for presentation of new
    devices and components in typical application environments

  • development and test of drive-units

  • protection concepts (overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature)

  • state-of-the-art device benchmarking

  • customer support in finding second source components

  • application and customer specific tests

  • investigation of parameter drifts under defined device stress

  • optimization of series and parallel connection of power devices

  • concepts for synchronous rectifiers

  • destruction tests

  • developing device and circuit models for network simulation

  • investigation of heat-conducting materials, cooling technologies and
    cooling assemblies: benchmarking

  • Thermische Kopplung und Symmetrierung

  • thermal design of devices and assemblies

  • measurement of thermal parameters of devices and assemblies

  • temperature and climate tests according to standards (DIN, IEC, …)

  • thermal modeling, parametrization and simulation (network, FEM)

  • methods for online-calculation of junction temperature of power
    devices in power converters

  • layout optimization (electrical, thermal, EMI)

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Passive Components (Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers)

  • calculation, design and optimization of inductors and transformers for
    converters and switch mode power supplies (SMPS) based on network
    simulation and magnetics-design-tools

  • making magnetics samples

  • investigation of electrical, thermal and EMI-behaviour of magnetics and
    capacitors in typical applications

  • benchmarking

  • cooling of passive components

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Using the available technical equipment, device measurements in a wide range from low-voltage (…12V…) to high-voltage (...3300V...) and low-current to high-current (some kiloamps) can be done.

  • special power semiconductor device measurement setups for dynamic

  • curve tracers

  • setups for special tests (e.g. repetitive avalanche)

  • controlled heating systems

  • Rth/Zth-measurement equipment

  • cooling unit and chiller for temperature and flow controlled closed cycle cooling

  • high resolution digital scopes

  • active and passive voltage probes, clip-on ammeters and Pearson-probes

  • digital power analyzers

  • arbitrary waveform generators

  • high-voltage and high-current lab power supplies

  • multi-channel temperature measurement equipment

  • fast infrared thermo-cameras

  • temperature and climate test systems according to standards

  • network simulation tools

  • magnetics design tools

  • network and impedance analyser

  • EMI measurement equipment

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