We help you to improve or affect the power quality parameters in all areas of power engineering and energy management with:

  • simulation of public grid sections and isolated grids

  • development of active and hybrid filters

  • development of devices for generation or compensation of current harmonics

  • development of active front end rectifiers

  • design of all kinds of filter topologies

For optimal system control of techological processes, based on many different microcontrollers and digital signal processors, we design:

  • control hardware which is optimally adjusted to the semiconductor topology and minimised in cost and expense

  • complex software for converter and system control,
    e.g. wind generator systems, active filters, isolated grids

  • rotating generators as voltage/frequency sources: AC-generators 230/400V, frequency 10…100Hz and 200…800Hz and DC-generators up to 500V/100kW

  • 100kVA shunt active filter test rig

  • 30kVA test set of a wind generator system based on a doubly fed asynchronous generator

  • Oberschwingungsgenerator und großes Sortiment an Belastungskomponenten

  • large assortment of passive load components


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Reimann

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Fax.: +49 3677 4613-90