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The ISLE e.V. has been established in 1994.
The objective was to create a framework enabling an efficient technology transfer in the field of power electronics and control engineering and related ares. Special emphasis has been placed on the small business sector.

A close cooperation with the Technical University of Ilmenau was and still is extremely important for the success of ISLE e.V. Therefore, a long-term agreement on cooperation and collaboration has been concluded between ISLE e.V. and TU Ilmenau.

From the very beginning, an iportant issue for ISLE e.V. has been economic and legal independence. Advantageous is the immediate vicinity of the TGZ Ilmenau (Technology and Founders Center) that offers excellent conditions for start-up companies.

Three years after the establishment, the business division of ISLE became a Ltd. ISLE e.V. holding 20% is the largest shareholder of the Ltd. Thus it continues its successful acitivities in accordance with the articles of the association with the main focus on:

  • Consulting of companies active in electrical engineering and electronics
  • Preparation of studies, patent and literature search, expert's reports and reviews
  • Proof of concepts
  • Publication of new scientific results
  • Interdisciplinary scientific collaboration with Universities
  • Exchange of scientific staff with Universities
  • Supervision and training of trainees as well as diploma and Ph.D. students
  • Assistance for graduates
  • Cooperation with high schools
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    Steuerungstechnik und Leistungselektronik e.V.

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