Step by step to your own publikation

If you included our publishing house for the publication of your book into the closer choice, contact us by telephone or email.

We provide you gladly and usually in 1-2 working-days an offer, if you communicate us the page number and the number of desired copies.

If you should have decided for our publishing house, we need the manuscript in electronic form from you, in order to make a free test print.

In addition we lock an author-publisher contract, in which all legal regulations are fixed in writing with you.

If you do not have special conceptions for the envelope, we sketch the Cover.

As soon as they conveyed us after examination of the test print the corrections, the book goes into the pressure.

After approx. 4-6 weeks can you hold the finished product in the hands.

Your Contact Person

Elke Schöne

fon +49 3677 46 13-0
fax +49 3677 46 13-90