EVG 2000


Electronic fluorescent lamp ballast for gas-discharge lamps to 2000W

The EVG 2000 is an electronically regulated alternating current fluorescent lamp ballast for the operation of gas-discharge lamps in the power range up to 2000W.
The most most mercury arc- and metal halide lamps (endowed mercury steam jets) can be used, whose electrical data lie in the operating range of the unit.

The EVG 2000 works with a PFC (power Factor Correction), a reactive power compensation is thus not necessary. In addition thereby the emitter power is independent of the mains voltage.
The output power can be adjusted ba a galvanic isolated analog input (0V..10V)

The EVG 2000 is offered in two housing variants. The standard housing is intended for the operation in industrial plants. The table housing for applications of laboratories contains additionally indicating instruments for emitter current and emitter voltage, a preset potentiometer for the emitter power as well as integrated ignition unit

  • stepless attitude of the emitter power

  • automatic constant regulation of the adjusted emitter power

  • possibility of pulsing the emitter power

  • compensation of line voltage changes

  • smaller and more lightweight than standard lamp ballasts

Technical Support

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Kurmis

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Sales Support

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Sarit Hollatz

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