Theses and other university writings form the prime data area of our publications. The publishing house publication of your thesis makes an optimal conclusion of your graduation time for you possible.

The publishing house publication offers the following advantages to you:

  • title message with the German library
  • entry into the listing of available books (VLB)
  • selling of the thesis over the book trade
  • assignment of an ISBN number
  • printing of the thesis in the format A5 (optionally also different formats possible)
  • different single volume kinds possible (also own drafts considered)
  • the publication in a book publishing house opens to you the possibility to protect your copyrights. Lock a perception contract with the VG WORD, and you receive a unique payment

  • Usually you bear only the cost of the author copies.
    The amount depends on the page number and the purchased quantity.
    The more copies you, becomes the smaller the cost per copy decreases.

    Our minimum purchased quantity amounts to 35 copies.

    Our proximity to the Technical University of Ilmenau is an advantage for you, since many details in the personal discussion can be clarified.

    Your Contact Person

    Elke Schöne

    fon +49 3677 46 13-0
    fax +49 3677 46 13-90