DCDC 1200


The DC-DC-Converter DCDC 1200 was developed especially for the operation on a fuel cell.
The whole system consists of fuel cell, the DC-DC-converter DCDC 1200, an accumulator and the load. The DCDC 1200 does the battery-management and controls the fuel cell.

The DC-DC-converter DCDC 1200 is available in two variants, for use in 24V- and 48V-systems

  • High efficiency also in part load

  • Protection of battery and fuel cell

  • Microprocessor controlled operation for optimum use of battery and fuel cell

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Simple installation

  • Compact design, lightweight construction

  • PC-Visualisation of fuel cell and DC/DC converter data

Technical Support

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Kurmis

fon +49 3677 4613-44
fax +49 3677 4613-90


Sales Support

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Sarit Hollatz

fon +49 3677 4613-54
fax +49 3677 4613-90